Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Sister Keri Stephenson entered the MTC in Mexico on February 5, 2014. She is so excited to begin a new chapter in her life as a missionary for the people of Nicaragua. 

As a parent, I am so excited to see Keri serving our Father in Heaven among those humble folks in Central America. They will soon realize what a blessing they have in Keri. She has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and is willing to give her time and talents in serving those people.


As Keri's mother, I am so proud of her and her good decisions, especially that of serving a mission. I will miss her and eagerly look forward to her weekly emails. She has always loved her Heavenly Father and been a wonderful example of love and kindness. I love her so much and couldn't be happier that she wants to do this great thing.


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  1. Sweet, tender Keri... She clapped her hands together with joy after being set apart. With her beautiful smile she said, "I am so excited!" Then she sang "He is the Way" and "Called to Serve." The Spirit of the Lord was so strong in the home of the Stephenson children and Jeff and Sara Hicks. I felt embraced in love. What a wonderful family. What a priceless experience to share testimony of Jesus Christ. The greatest message to all the world. I love you Sister Keri Stephenson!