Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Family and Friends!!!! :D
Wow, the weeks here for me are going by quick, crazy crazy!! Hehe, I need to tell a funny Little story about my speaking in Spanish. So, in the MTC, at night while I was asleep one of the other hermanas in our room would wake up in the night, look over and see the that I was just jabbering and laughing away in Spanish. She told me that it happened several times and she said I sounded really happy as I talked in my sleep. She said there were a few times she woke up frightened because I would be laughing my hard belly laugh while sleeping...I feel so bad because I have no recollection of these events, and if someone were laughing really hard in the night, I would be pretty freakin´ scared out of my mind!!! So, I told this story to Hermana Fuentes the other day, and she said that last night I was talking in Spanish and told her very directly (in my sleep) that I don´t understand much, but I that I can speak in Spanish. Hahaha, she just responded, "Yeah, I know."
My Spanish is coming along, and I am understanding a Little bit more every time I read in el Libro de Mormon. Some days this week while we would teach I would get so frustrated because I didn´t feel like I was receiving much guidance through the lessons, and finding it difficult to teach people. The reason for this was because I tried to go to lessons without bringing my marked English scriptures. I wanted to feel like I could write in my Little agenda the scriptures I studied that morning for those we teach, but really, we never know exactly what we are going to say by the Spirit beforehand. Hermana Fuentes said for now, it´s better that I have my English set with me, as well as keep bringing my Spanish ones. Once I started to teach again with the help of my English scriptures I felt a lot more comfortable teaching and was led by the Spirit in confidence and love. Wow!!! Í felt so much more confident and a much better teacher, not perfect, but better.
There are also days where I get so frustrated when my whole world is in Spanish and I cannot always accurately express how I feel to others. Sometimes I feel like I am in my own world and that people just don´t want to understand how I´m feeling....then I thought of the Savior´s ministry. He taught and so many times people did not understand what He was trying to help them with, so they just turned Him away. He would convey by the Spirit of the Lord, but people did not want to truly feel what He felt. The Lord knows exactly how I feel and that is a huge comfort to me!!!!!! This Sunday during sacrament I looked up one of my favorite hymns in my Little Spanish hymn book. "Jesús de Nazaret". I decided to read it through in my mind....normally I don´t understand exactly what the hymns are saying because there is a lot I still have to learn in the language...but I experienced a miracle....I could understand completely all of the verses of the song. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Heavenly Father!!!! As Nephi says in the Book of Mormon, "I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance" (1 Nephi 1:20).
I know the Lord has made me mighty. Sometimes it is difficult to be bold with people, especially when I don´t understand exactly what they say back. But that´s the beauty of this work right now for me. Remember that episode of M*A*S*H* when Hawkeye loses his sight for a while?...but then expresses the beauty of losing one of his senses for a while? That is exactly how I feel right now. I am not able to use my ability to understand the words, but what I do understand is the Feelings. The feelings of the Spirit. Right now is a time for me to have my mind soak in and do what it can to retain what it´s learning. I am grateful for this gift. Sometimes people say the most horrid, awful things in the Street or in their homes, but I fortunately right now don´t know what it means. I can just look at them and love them. I know that you can love someone without having to know everything about them. Try for one day or moment this week to not use one of your senses and try to focus on the beauty of the world around you in a new way. :)
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a flippin´fantastic week!!!!
P.S. my rash is almost gone, woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Yay, my body is pretty again!!!!!!! ;) Hehehe.
Love, Your Hermana Stephenson :D

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