Monday, May 19, 2014


Dear Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week we have found a really positive investigator and I just love her! The other night we were in a different part of our area, and new for me, and we were trying to find the address of some people we met in the street as potential investigators. We weren't getting any luck or much help from the people we asked. People who even lived close to the address didn't recognize the names of the people we mentioned. It's so interesting how a lot of people here don't know who their neighbors are. We did find luck however. A man guided us in the right direction. We came to a beautiful stony house with giant pink flowers just hanging off the front of it. When we said "Buenas!" A young woman named Marcela came out to greet us. This wasn't the family we were looking for, but we know that it was the one God led us to. She was really happy, super positive, and allowed us to enter onto her porch and talk to her. 

After getting to know her for a bit we started to share a little message about the gospel. Before teaching we started with the Hymn "Families Can be Together Forever". Once we started to teach I kept having this feeling to talk a little bit about eternal families. I wasn't so sure of the feeling at first, because this is something we talk about with people much later, since they need to understand the first principles of the gospel first. But, after getting the prompting again, I began to share and her face lit up. I shared with Marcela the importance of eternal families in my life, and asked her questions I felt prompted to ask. Everything felt to natural, so good. And normally, I have a little bit of a barrier when I teach because I don't know all of the time what exactly it is they need to hear. 
After the lesson Hermana Fuentes told me that she had those same feelings too, to share the same things I did. Wow, it's so amazing when you can be so in sync with people and be able to have a great flow of teaching. Now it's not perfect all the time, because every person we teach is different, and I am still learning how to be more confident, bold, and direct with people. We must teach with love and by the Spirit, but if we don't share and teach with boldness, than the people will never take us seriously. When we had a second lesson with Marcela, she gave the closing prayer and asked God that she may be able to learn more about our church, and to feel the Spirit. Asi es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This doesn't normally happen with people, but it happened with her, and we were able to have a member with us too for the lesson. Wow!!!! I have so much hope for her. She shows so much enthusiasm, expresses herself during the lessons, and just glows so much! Can you guess how old she is! She is 17, going to school, has a house, and a husband!!! Wow!!! Lots of people here are younger than me and already have families and homes. 
A part of the mission here that is an upside is when we find and people and teach them, they are willing to listen. It's them wanting to know more, read in the scriptures, pray, attend church...that's the hard part, helping them to want and do more than just listen to us. Sometimes it's hard to know in the beginning who is going to stick and who isn't because almost all of the people we meet are kind and welcoming. I feel very humbled by the people and by what they have to say. People don't always agree with what we say, and don't always want to do what we ask. But I realized that we are all like that with our Heavenly Father at times. Sometimes we don't want to do what he asks. He has given us a perfect plan, a perfect way for us to find the true pursuit of happiness and love. And sometimes, we reject it. Sometimes we think our way is better, or that for a moment we can handle being alone. But I know for I fact that I could never be completely alone. 

For a long time in junior high and high school I felt invisible to a lot of people, and not noticed so much. But even though I didn't have many friends, I always knew I had someone when I went to church and attended seminary....Jesus Christ. When I was in seminary and at church I would mark my scriptures up and just write in them about what I felt. I felt so close to the Savior, and it made me realize I was never alone. However, when I would return home from school and all of those people I saw everyday I did not have an earnest desire to always read and study in my scriptures, or to pray with earnesty either. I was in a spot in my life where I realized I really needed to work to have the Spirit with me always. So when people here say they don't want to do what we ask, I understand, and it helps me to be more patient. I know that for me, I needed time to figure things out and to figure out how to make the gospel everyday, and not just in classes or at church, and not just when I thought it was convienient. The gospel is everyday and it is ALWAYS convienient. My life is so blessed and I know I am a better person than I was before, and I never want to "Go back to fishing" as Jeffrey R. Holland stated in the story of Peter and the disciples. I love all of you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Your Hermana Stephenson

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