Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello everyone!!!!
So, I had my first changes this last week! I received my new companion on Wednesday. Her name is Hermana Romero, and she is from El Salvador. She grew up in Logan, Utah for fourteen years with her family, and the rest of the years she lived were in El Salvador. I love her so much, wow! I really lucked out in getting her! She is my angel here in the mission and she is helping me out so much in the language, it`s a miracle! She is so kind, loving, patient, and is just a complete blast to be with! The work is natural and feels so great with her at my side. Her heart is so big, and is just so loving and fun with everyone! 
Ok, my new area is called Masatepe and let me tell is GORGEOUS here!!!!! I feel like I`m in heaven, it`s so freakin` fantastic! It is so green here, and I feel like I am in Jungle Book. I am going to be taking a lot more photos of the scenery here this week because it`s just so gosh dang beautiful! The members here are so great, and I am now in a ward now instead of a branch. Plus, I am now the person they go to for a piano player. So, on Sunday I got to play in sacrament meeting, my first time, woot woot! The members here and the leaders are so awesome and help us out in this work...really, this work isn`t effective without the members, we need them!! Gordon B. Hinckley in Preach My Gospel teaches that the ideal situation is when a member invites a friend of theirs to take the discussion, and helps them come to church....because then when these people become members they will have a friend by their side. :)
On Sunday, we also had five of our investigators come to church!!!! Wooo hooo!!!! Something that I love about Hermana Romero is her great enthusiasm when the people are progressing. It`s so fun to be excited when there is someone by your side who can cheer with you! She`s the best, I am so lucky. :) I also really love my district a LOT!! My district leader is Elder Cratty, he`s from Las Vegas Nevada; there`s Elder Soifua, he`s from Hawaii; Hermana Escorcia, she`s from the northern part of Nicaragua; and her companion who is brand new to the mission, Hermana Perez, she`s from El Salvador too! This is my favorite district I have had here in the mission, we have a great time but we also work really hard too. :) I love everything here, and I think my bug bites are actually starting to go down, woo hooo!!!!!
Something interesting that has happened the past few, every June for the whole month, the Catholics here have a big, long celebration for Jesus Christ. So, yesterday there was this giant parade slowly moving through the streets for the whole day. There was dancing, and all kinds of chaos, haha. But, something interesting was this small group of men were carrying this statue of Christ on the cross, but Christ was painted black. As they walked through the streets a man with a small mic would sing, "Oh Senor, yo creo", which is, "Oh Lord, I believe". After he would sing this, a band would play a sad, yet rapid blaring tune...this went on all day and in the night. Even at four in the the apartment you can hear everything, so that was fun!!! Hermana Romero said it was their mission to make sure she didn`t sleep, hahahaha.
I love all of you and I am looking forward to a full week of working here and breaking into the language more, and I hope I`ll be able to understand more!! I know without any doubts that this is the only true church and I am proud to be a member of it!!!!!

Love, Your Hermana Stephenson :)

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