Monday, June 30, 2014


Hello Family!!!!!!
Well to start off it has been a FANTASTIC P-day! Normally I really do like my P.days, they usually are very relaxed and not always a lot of activities. But today I enjoyed it the most of all of the ones we`ve had. So, Elder Mann, our zone leader, has this awesome fake book with all of these songs we know (similar to the one we have :)). Elder Mann, Elder Cratty, Elder Soifua, and I all sang together, a bunch of songs!!!!! It was SO awesome! I haven`t been able to just sit and play like I have at home since I`ve been home. It was so great. :) We also all had lunch together as a district and with our zone leaders, and played ninja destruction!! It has been such a fun day...oh yeah and I bought groceries...I don`t know why but it is always so much fun for me to buy my own groceries and then put them in our little fridge, hehe! 
This week wasn`t our best week with the number of lessons taught and people contacted, so after looking at the progress we made this week we were able to look at what we needed to work on. It`s a shame when we see that our investigators from the beginning were progressing in the beginning, aren`t anymore. However, we were really blessed this week when we contacted a house in Taiwan. We met a couple (Jose and Marjorie) and their three ADORABLE children (Abraham, Noelia, and Wendy). Within that first visit they were very receptive to us and we put in a baptismal date for them on the 26th of July. We went over to their house early yesterday morning to help assist them in coming to church, and within a bit of time. the whole family walked with us and attended church for all three hours. They are very positive, and Marjorie was asking me very specific questions that made her curious about our church. Wow, I have so much faith that they will be baptized in the following month!!! Their little kids are the cutest too. Little Wendy looks and acts so much like Peyton it`s crazy. The whole time I was with them I kept thinking about little Peyton, Kai, and Lindi. :)
Since throughout the week are numbers weren`t so great we had help from two of our leaders in the mission. Hermana Perez (who I worked with before) and Hermana Santos helped us out on Saturday. We had divisions in different parts of our area, and within just a little over an hour, our work together gave us six new investigators to start teaching!!! Woooohooooo!!!! I was feeling really terrible in a few moments this week when I felt like I wasn`t working hard enough, but now I know what it is I can do to fix that, so now I feel much much better. 

I always have to remember what President Hinckley advised to us, "Try a little harder, to be a little better every day" (thank you Sister Wadsworth for always telling us that in young women`s :)). Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed at what I need to do to be a more efficient and better missionary. Some moments I become impatient with myself and just want to cry (which I do sometimes), but I know Christ does not expect perfection out of me, just the best I can give. Well do you ever ask yourself, "Am I doing enough? How do I know when it`s enough?" I am finding this answer everday. Everyday I am always finding revelation in study and during the day in lessons at how I can improve. I know that if we are not only recognizing what to do better, but acting on that--those small impressions, then we are doing enough. :) 
Just some fun things from this week:

--Tuesday was Hermana Romero`s 22nd birthday!!! I gave her some of her favorite chocolate marshmallow suckers that she loves (seriously they are crazy good-- Paleta Pailaso). I wanted to make her a surprise breakfast of french toast, but I didn`t get to make it until the day after because I needed to go buy a pan...but now I have my first ever kitchen utensils!! A frying pan and spatula....ok that may not sound that fun or interesting but it is for me, haha. We also left that night with our district for a service activity at a member`s house. But after a few minutes being there it happened to be a surprise birthday celebration for Hermana Romero! We had these crazy delicious good. Hehe, and when we left, poor Elder Soifua (turns out he`s from Utah, not Hawaii, whoops!) was getting into a moto taxi, and the whole door fell as he sat inside. I am not even kidding, when we got to the house Hermana Romero was laughing for 10 minutes straight, hahaha. 

I love you all and have a super-dee duper week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love, Your Hermana Keri Stephenson

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  1. Just think of what you can do with a PAN! You can even make french toast for all your investigators!
    So proud to know you, Hermana Stephenson!