Monday, June 9, 2014


Hello Everyone!
This week has really been a rewarding one, and a lot of "firsts" happened this week too. So in my prayers I have been asking Heavenly Father and wanting to have a genuine, sincere love for the people here, all the time. Before, I mean I would care for the people, but not in the way that Christ showed His people. This week when I had divisions with Hermana Perez, I all of a sudden had this change and I looked at people differently. Before, I didn´t really like to contact people, only sometimes, because I always had a nervous, scared feeling inside. Now, I LOVE to contact people and I really don´t care as much anymore if the words I say come out wrong. I have been able to laugh at myself, and to just enjoy my slip ups in the language. Because of these changes we are having more success in finding people and teaching people. Something that I love that Preach My Gospel teaches is this: teach when you find, find when you teach. 

The work now feels a lot more natural and I don´t feel this aching stress inside before or during a lesson. I can just speak out more and not feel stupid or intimidated. I have been doing what I can to always pray for the Spirit, and to do my best to follow what he is telling me to do. It isn´t perfect, but it´s so much better. Something that we are advised a lot in the mission is this: sea osada! Which means, be bold! Especially when inviting people to be baptized. I wasn´t so confident in this at first and rarely ever did I think to ask people to be baptized, but the thing is, we need to be inviting others in the first or second lesson all the time. :)
So Yamil Barrios that I talked about last week...he´s getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asi es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked him how he´s feeling and he says he feels nervous, which I completely understand because I experienced this too, and I was only eight years old. Also on Sunday I witnessed faith in the people we´ve met and are beginning to teach. We had three investigators come to church this Sunday, three!!!!!! The goal in the mission is to try to have five people each week, and for everyone that is difficult, because it´s a commitment for people to come to three hour church. But it happened, and the whole time I felt to happy and so grateful that I got to be a part of it. :) It´s so exciting to see someone starting out and learning about the gospel for the first time. I love being there to help them along the way, it just feels so good!!! We also had two recent converts come to church this Sunday, who hadn´t been coming for quite a while, and were giving excuses before that it was ok for them not to come. But, when Hermana Fuentes and I saw them come in, we were so excited to see them smiling and happy to be there!
Another "first" that happened this week has happened in the language. I have been able to understand people SO MUCH more this past week, really have discussions, really be able to understand a lot better. On Saturday Hermana Fuentes and I left for the church (baptism for the elders) early so we could be there on time. I ended up talking to someone named Loxan, who has been inactive for about five years. I was able to teach him by the power of the Spirit about true repentence and the mercy of God. I was able to truly express, and he understood everything I said. I felt so connected to this person that I have never met before in my life, and that connection was Christ. I hope in some way I was able to comfort this man and help him to feel like he is a loved son of God. And the great thing was, while Hermana Fuentes was talking to a member in the same room as us, I never had to call over to her to have her help me figure out what he was saying. No, I didn´t understand his words detail by detail, but I understood him as a whole. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I could go on and on about every single day, but to let all of you know, Hermana Keri Chantel Stephenson is on her way and loves to PREACH HIS GOSPEL!!! 

I love you all and have a happy, wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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