Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello again!!!!
Hermana Suret and I are just finishing up our first change together (6 weeks), that´s SO crazy!!! I feel like I just got to this area, the time is really going by so quick, it´s crazy! Well I am happy to say that I got a really awesome package this week!! One of the elders from the office called me and told me he had for three days until I got it I was wondering what it was like Christmas, torturous, exciting, and so fun all at the same time. Haha, then when I got the package, I just had to let it sit on my bed, until we came back later that night from working. It may sound really cheesy and maybe a little dumb, but those rocks (as Daniel says) I call food (Grape Nuts cereal)--they were the first thing I saw as I opened the box and I almost cried, I was so happy! Thank you Daniel and your whole family for taking the time to prepare and send me such a wonderful package!!
Okay, for events that happened this week--so we got to baptize our investigator Jorge Rocha this week, but he didn't come for his confirmation. We have a visit planned to talk to him about what happened and why he didn´t show up, later this week, since he has to work. If it weren´t for his member friend, Erick, who is in our ward, I don´t know if Jorge would take much interest in the church. Every investigator who becomes a member needs at least one friend by their side, that can help them in anything they need, or questions they might have. Something I want all of you to know, that the only difference between you and me, is I am wearing a plaque just below my right shoulder. We are ALL called to preach the gospel, and we all hold responsibility of sharing it with others around us (Alma 5:49-50). An advantage as missionaries is we get to preach the gospel all day long, but every chance a member can share their testimony with someone, share it!! :)
I know that at times it feels nerve-wracking to tell people what you believe, how you live, and what your standards are. Even being here in the mission I still feel like that sometimes, especially when the people continually reject or change what you say. I know that there is only one way back to Christ and our Heavenly Father--and it´s through the Gospel of Jesus Christ--which can be found in the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints. Only in this church do we have the power of God to receive our salvation, and that is through the holy priesthood. We are the only church on the earth that has the priesthood, because Christ is running our church, and I truly believe He reveals sacred truths to His prophets.
I feel disappointed at times when people do not understand this, when they say that all the churches are the same, but I know that it isn't true. The Holy Ghost has testified over and over again to me that we are in the true church! "That by no other name mankind may be saved." I am also SO grateful we have powers to use in our sacred ordinances to bind our families together forever. I am very happy with the family that I have, it´s like I have four all combined into one! I originally didn´t picture my family to be like it is now, but I really don´t want it any other way. I love you Mom, Dad, Jeff, and DeNai! I love all of my siblings and step-siblings too! I have less than a year, and how great the reunion of seeing you all again will be. :) I truly want to thank each of you for loving me; supporting me physically, spiritually, emotionally; and most of all for making me feel like I am a part of you. :)

I love you all so much, and have such a wonderful week in the first week of September!!!!!!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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