Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello everyone!!
Yet another week of miracles. :) Remember Axel who I talked about with you before, who just recently got baptized? Well, we started teaching his mom on September 7th, the Sunday before his baptism. At first when we met her, we were giving a lesson for Axel, and then afterwards we asked permission from his mom if he could be baptized for the following Saturday. Without any problems she said, "Yes." After getting to know her for a bit we then encouraged her to come to church with us that day, and she said "yes" again. 
She had this curiosity about the church since our first visit, and the following afternoon wanted to come to church so she could have a better idea of what Axel is experiencing. For all three hours I was with her, helping her, doing my best to explain all that was going on, so she would feel comfortable and Not confused. After the 2nd hour, I asked her how she felt about it so far. She said that if it hadn't been so calm, reverent, and peaceful she would have left running. Haha. She said she visited other churches and didn't like the environment as much, felt like people sometimes were screaming and demanding. Very simply she said, "But I like this church."
The second visit we had with her we put in a date for baptism for the 18th of October. I was so happy she not only said "yes" but that she is so willing to know more. Before we had even discussed or had given her a Book of Mormon, she borrowed Axel`s and started to read. She is now beginning 1 Nephi 5. WOW!!!! Since the day we've met her, she hasn't missed a single church meeting. She reads and does (and more) of what we assign her. . . .Our zone and district leaders encouraged us to find among our investigators, those who are willing, to be baptized before the end of September. We thought about Angelica since she has progressed so fast.
I honestly felt a bit nervous to ask her if she would want to be asked to be baptized this month, since, well, I've never asked someone so quickly before. Hermana Suret and I by the power of the Spirit, asked her if she would like to be baptized the same month as her son. We also told her if not, that we can continue to plan for the 18th of the following month. I didn't want her to feel pressured in any way, I knew she has been progressing so well, and I knew if she didn't receive baptism this month, I felt the comfort she would in the following.
After a moment of tense silence, with a smile on her face she replied, "Yes." Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know how to react, I couldn't believe it!!!!! She then began to share that several years back she had a dream. A dream in which she saw the resurrected Christ coming out of the sepulcher, reaching forth His hand to her in all glory. She felt that when the truth of His gospel would come to her she would know. She felt this great sense of peace and love. Angelica said she knew that this is His gospel, because we as missionaries came to her. 
She is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What power The Holy Ghost has to touch people`s hearts. Angelica inspires me to act more in my faith and live more righteously. This Saturday we will have known her for 20 days, less than a month. What blessings the gospel brings!!!!
This is THE gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it, I live it, I love it. :)

Hermana Stephenson!!!!

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  1. What an awesome experience! Your letters and enthusiasm are wonderful, Keri!
    It's so great to know you are exactly where you're supposed to be.
    Hugs, Sister Whipple