Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello hello!!!!
Well, I am so happy to say that both Cesar and Petrona were both baptized this week, (fist coming down like Napolean Dynamite) yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was yet another great one in bringing forth this work, I mean really, the time just goes by so Fast!!! It´s so crazy how fast. Well I am almost to my half-way mark, that´s something I´m still trying to wrap my head around, I just can´t believe it. This past week we have been able to find seven new positive people to teach with baptismal dates, and one of them is to complete a family (when one spouse is a member and the other is not). I just feel so pumped with energy to find these people to baptize, it´s so envigorating when we see such powerful progress with each investigator that we have, it makes me jump for joy!!!!
I also get so excited when we see less actives being reached out to and are coming to church. For example, this week we went to visit a less active named Yossari. She´s probably about 25, and has a baby that looks just like Beau did when he was a baby (I´m telling you, he´s the cutest little baby boy ever, chubby and with curls). We have gone to visit her before, but didn´t show enough desire to come back to church. Well this week when we went to visit, I started to share my testimony with her about the power of going to church every Sunday, how it has blessed me and our family. As I finished sharing my testimony and scripture, she began to cry. As we ended our time with her, she told us that she was actually going to come to church on Sunday. When she walked into the chapel I could not stop smiling, I wanted to jump up and down and go hug her right away, but I didn´t. Miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my brief letter for the week, but go out and do something more! Go reach out to someone who struggles in their testimony, someone who needs a friend, go fellowship, be sincere, and just love who you are with. Yo testifico que este es la senda para volver en la presencia de Dios otra vez. Solo sea sincera y sea alguien que alguien mas nunca va a olvidar. Recuerde que amor es la clave y que Hermana Stephenson les extraña ustedes! Tenga una buena semana y quien está su amigo fiel, que siempre esta--Jesucristo!

Hermana Stephenson!!!!