Monday, January 12, 2015


What`s up everybody!!
Hey, guess what? I didn`t have changes this week! I am still here in San Juan with Hermana Suret. I was just thinking just know about how close we are to Halloween. Here people know of Halloween and some of the traditions we have in the U.S., but they don`t celebrate it. SO, I hope all of you deck out awesome, play really fun games (yes, board games included ;), eat yummy food, and go do something scary!
Well, it`s been a nice week. We just had, we baptized our investigator Joseling, yay!!!! It`s a miracle!!!! Her dad Cesar gets baptized morning, as well as Petrona (Angelica`s aunt). It`s so exciting (and stressful, not gonna´ lie) preparing people for baptism. They just had their interviews, everything went well, now it is just the final details to prepare. 
However, with November coming soon, we are preparing to baptize, but it`s a bit stressful with the little success we have had this past week. We really need help from the members to find people to teach, because at the moment our teaching pool is very small. We put four dates for baptism in one day the other day, but almost all of the people that we were with fell through....ahh!! I have faith though that we are going to find these choice, golden people. I have seen many mighty miracles in this mission, so I know we can do it!!!
We have plans this week to work in another part of our area that we just found out is will be like finding the Emerald City!! Wooooohoooo!!!! The other day I let myself feel a bit frustrated with the lack of people that we have to teach, but then my companion told me this: "President Russell said that when we feel like we are at our end, when we feel like there is nothing more we can do, that`s when the miracle comes." I truly believe when God closes a door somewhere he opens a window. We`re gonna´ find that window this week! WOO! 
I hope all of you had such a great week, and remember to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Don`t let that dang Satan win! :) I love all of you and remember to choose to be happy even when you are sad, serve and say you`re sorry even when you don`t feel like it. 

Love, Hermana Stephenson!!!! :)


Well hello there!
This has been such a wonderful week. On Tuesday last week I received a call while Hermana Hernandez and I were eating hamburgers and western fries for lunch (SO yummy!) from our district leader...the only one in our whole district that had transfers was me. I started to cry, but I didn't feel depressed about leaving the area or the people I had the privilege of teaching...I just felt at peace with myself and have realized early on in the mission that every change that happens is for a reason. :) On Wednesday I got on a bus with my new zone, and before leaving the area we ate at McDonald`s in Managua. Jim Gaffigan speaks the truth when he talks about those fries, because they were freaking delicious, just like heaven!
The drive was very long and we didn't get to our area until the evening, but let me tell you, this is THE Most beautiful area I have ever seen or been in, in my whole mission. It`s called Juigalpa and it reminds me so much of Salmon, with a tropical twist (because of the types of trees). There is so much space, it`s so calm, it`s hilly, and it`s so GREEN!!! It`s also the coolest (temperature) area I have been in too. I absolutely love it--we even have views of mountains!
My new companion is named Hermana Abadillo and she is from Guatemala. She is so sweet and so chill. She is the most laid back companion I have ever had, and the most humble. We have been together as a companionship for almost a week now, and I`m just loving it! We help each other out, and I feel like she is already a great friend. Oh, also the other day we started up some jokes while we were walking and we were dying laughing. I hadn't laughed that hard in such a long time. It`s great to work alongside someone that shares a complementing personality to yours.
She is helping me adjust to a new area, and we are helping each other out in where we need to go and work. :)
Yesterday morning I had this dream that I had seen a giant tarantula on our bathroom wall, but I woke up and everything was fine. We haven`t had any strange bugs or insects in the house. Well yesterday all the power went out in many areas in Nicaragua, so we headed back to the house in a taxi. We lit up a candle and made a few phone calls. I had just gotten off the phone with someone when the lights started to work again. My companion said to me, "Hermana, your dream came true!" I said very confusedly, "What dream? What came true?" She said worriedly, "I went into the bathroom and I saw the hugest tarantula!!" 
I started to freak out (because it is my greatest fear, ah!) and then we went over to the bathroom. Supposedly the tarantula had moved, and I was too afraid to get closer. All of a sudden my companion saw it right above the toilet, I almost screamed!!! It was SO huge!!! After a long collaboration of trying to figure out how to kill it and calling the other sister missionaries, two kind members came over, and the husband just took the broom and killed it with one big whack! Ah, I couldn't rest until they came. I sat in a high place (with distance of course) to keep my eye on it until the couple came over. Now I can sleep peacefully, but I do feel a bit nervous now when heading out to the bathroom. I check all around and in the toilet now so that I don`t have a heart attack. Hahahaha, what a crazy night!
I love all of you so much and hope all is well and that you guys had such a great week! 

Love, Hermana Stephenson! :)